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JON-CIN NFT Collection "Colors"

Glad to share that our JON-CIN NFT Collection Colors is now launched for sale. A new wonderful journey awaiting both you and us. Filled with an immense experience of creativity, artistic expression and evermore embracing of individuality. Recognizing the immensely changing role of NFTs or non-fungible tokens, in business & investment of digital assets in fashion, we followed our long term digital investment and created this JC NFT Collection on Opensea.

The name of the JC_NFT Collection speaks for itself. The hand sketched items of JC NFT Collections, made with passion and love, provide an unique and high value for our community holders. JON-CIN new NFT Collection is fun, bright, colourful and unique. Check out the JC NFT Collection and be part of our community.

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JON-CIN NFT Collection "JC Splash"

A splash of color, perhaps? Or of blossoming flowers? Or radiating, joyfulness? How about all? Connected, intertwined, we are here to represent the simplicity, yet overwhelming beauty of life. What does it mean to be connected to nature? To experience life in all of its beauty? Every day, we bring you closer to the gateway of radiant, vibrating positivity. Simply hold still, and watch the gratefulness of life overflow you. Day after day. NFT after NFT.

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