JON-CIN® is now protected by Patentamt at German Patent Trade Mark Office, DPMA

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JON-CIN Digitalization & Blockchain in Fashion

JON-CIN, as a family business in luxury fashion, is a pioneer when it is about Fashionverse and Blockchain. Since 2017 JON-CIN recognizes the unbelievable role of Digitalization and Blockchain in Fashion & Art. Fashion and Art does not need a language to communicate, it speaks from itself. Its a passion, a pleasure, and an investment. We have recognized the immensely changing role of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in digital fashion business. The over 51+ hand sketched items of JC_ NFT are fun, bright, colourful and unique.

Since September 2022, JON-CIN is now protected by the "Patentamt" at the German Patent Trade Mark Office/DPMA. JON-CIN trademark has been verified to ensure successful registration. Through the experience of JON-CIN Team gained at the District Court of Berlin under its prestigious civil chamber regarding Author's Rights and Trademark Law, the trademark application and monitoring of JON-CIN trademark protection has been successfully carried out and completed. By the registering of the JON-CIN trademark (Word Mark & Image Mark) within the German trademark register, JON-CIN now obtains trademark protection for at least 10 years.

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